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The following is a list of the currently supported Pitching Stats and how they are computed:

  • GS Games Started

  • GC Games Completed

  • SHO Shutouts

  • SA Saves

  • BF Batters Faced

  • H Hits Allowed

  • 1B Singles Allowed

  • 2B Doubles Allowed

  • 3B Triples Allowed

  • HR Home Runs Allowed

  • Runs Allowed

  • BB Base On Balls

  • HB Hit Batters

  • BK Balks

  • WP Wild Pitches

  • SO Strike Outs

  • PKO1 Pick Offs at First

  • PKO2 Pick Offs at Second

  • PKO3 Pick Offs at Third

  • PKO Total Pick Offs

  • PKOA1 Pick Offs Attempts at First

  • PKOA2 Pick Offs Attempts at Second

  • PKOA3 Pick Offs Attempts at Third

  • PKOA Total Pick Offs Attempts

  • W Wins

  • L Losses

  • PCT Winning Percentage

  • PC Pitch Count (does not count intentional balls)

  • TS Total Strikes

  • TB Total Balls (does not count intentional balls)

  • FPS First Pitch Strikes

  • FPB First Pitch Balls

  • FPS% First Pitch Strike Percentage

  • IP Innings Pitched (One third inning is given for each out)

  • ER Earned Runs - For ScoreBook, a run scored is always considered "earned" unless an error or passed ball contributed to advancing a batter or runner at least one base.

  • ERA Earned Run Average = (ER * Innings Per Game) divided by IP
    OBA Opponent’s Batting Average

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