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The following is a list of the currently supported Batting Stats and how they are computed:

  • GP Games Played
  • IP Innings Played
  • PA Plate Appearances
  • OAB Official At Bats = All complete plate appearances except when on base as a result of Base On Balls, Intentional Walk, Hit By Pitch, or Catcher Interference or out as a result of any Sacrifice
  • H Hits = Number of Singles + Doubles + Triples + Home Runs
  • 1B Singles
  • 2B Doubles + Ground Rule Doubles
  • 3B Triples
  • HR Home Runs + Inside Park Home Runs
  • R Runs
  • RBI Runs Batted In
  • Avg Batting Average = Hits divided by Official At Bats
    Slug Slugging Percentage = Total Bases divided by Number of Official At Bats (OAB)
    OBA On Base Average = Total Times on Base (H + BB + HBP) divided by Total At Bats (OAB + BB + HBP + SF)
  • BNT Bunts
  • BNT% Successful Bunt Percentage

On Base By

  • BB Base On Balls (including Intentional Walks)
  • HBP Hit By Pitch
  • RE Reached On Error
  • FC Fielder’s Choice
  • DTSWP Dropped Third Strike – Wild Pitch
  • DTSPB Dropped Third Strike – Passed Ball
  • DTSE Dropped Third Strike – Error
  • CATI Catcher Interference
  • OFI Other Fielder Interference
  • Sacrifices
  • S Sacrifices (other than Sac flies and bunts)
  • BS Bunt Sacrifices
  • SF Sacrifice Flies

Out By

  • SOS Strike Out Swinging
  • SOL Strike Out Looking
  • SO Strike Out – Total
  • GO Ground Out
  • FO Fly Out
  • FFO Foul Fly Out
  • PO Pop Out
  • IFFLY Infield Fly
  • INTF Interference
  • TBAT Thrown Bat
  • LD Line Drive
  • HIDB Hit Into Double Play
  • HITP Hit Into Triple Play
  • TBBB Touched By Own Batted Ball
  • BOTRN Batted Out of Turn
  • BF2S Bunt Foul with 2 Strikes
  • DTSO Drop Third Strike Out
  • ILBB Illegally Batted Ball
  • HBFB Hit By Fair Ball
  • FRCO Forced Out
  • TAGO Tagged Out
  • CO Called Out
  • BNTO Bunt Out
  • NFGDP Non-Forced Grounded Into Double Play
  • SFDB Sacrifice Fly Double Play

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